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For breakfast?!??!!1 I oven roasted a whole mess of 'em last night and they turned out pretty tasty, even the next morning. Still firm in the center (heh, insert middle school giggle here) yet tender with some of the outer leaves caramelized. Mmmmm. Thanks, Ina Garten recipe! So yes, I am eating them for breakfast with some feta-and-garlic scrambled eggs, a sliced tomato, and some raspberries on the side. And coffee. All of the coffee.

Making my most valiant effort to up my vegetable intake in hopes that better nutrition (specifically, fewer low quality carbs and meals outside of the house) will help my stress level somewhat. I realized my eating habits have been not great since school started, which is pretty par for the course when I'm under a lot of stress, but the bad food isn't helping my concentration levels much I'm sure.

Hooray, vitamins! Green things! Yeah!

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