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So earlier today, a Facebook friend, someone I only know through Mr. Ivriniel, posted this to Facebook.

Leaving aside any disagreement about whether or not the government has any business banning someone’s religious practice, I make it my habit to inform people who post things from Britain First exactly who their are getting their Facebook posts from.


It did not go as expected:

You know what insults Canadian heritage and culture? Allying yourself with NeoNazis!

From past conversations I knew she wasn’t one of the great intellectual thinkers, but it boggles my mind how willing she is to jump on that slippery slope. She’s a Wiccan, for pity sake. There’s more than a few people out there who think her religion is an insult to Canadian Heritage and Culture.


I am so tempted to point this out to her, but I don’t want to start a bunch of drama for Mr. Ivriniel.

Though, I swear, it was like she was trying to start something this weekend. First she posted some meme about how bones are for dogs, and men deserve some meat, with a comment about how the last time she posted something like this she got yelled at, then there was a post about how we should help Canadians and not foreigners, and now this one.


Her life does seem to be constantly full of drama, so maybe she was in attention seeking mode?

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