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Budgeting Post!

Anyone else using YNAB or another budgeting system to keep yourself in shape? Tell me about your budget!

After a little over a year of being so good at budgeting that I managed to pay cash for a sizable car emergency (with no major impact in my life), I’ve started to get a little lazy with my budgeting and spreadsheet habits. The Amazon orders are slowly taking over my transaction statements, delivery food is a super easy trap to fall into as lazy couple, and Little Dude sure would like this random toy at the store. Maybe some treats, too. Luckily, I haven’t had many issues with overspending or doing things like helping out Mr. B after the military neglected to pay him for a month. But I’ve totally been slipping, and the two-month cushion I was sitting on is slowly losing its fluff.


Anyone else start getting bored with things like budgeting and just fall off for a while? Here’s hoping YNAB pulls me out of this funk!

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