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Buffy and Spike, oh mah GAH.

YOU GUYS. A good friend is watching the entire run of Buffy for the first time, and since she made it to the musical episode yesterday, I decided to watch along long distance.

I need to pause here to say — I LOVED Buffy when it was on, have rewatched a bunch of it, and I always felt Spike > Angel, so I was very into season 6. But I forgot JUST HOW EDGY THEY GOT with all the lovemakin'! There's so much of it! And things totally make more sense to me now as a grown woman than they did in early high school. Also:


For the first time, rewatching "Smashed," I realized she was wearing a skirt. Somehow I missed that before. Everything makes much more sense now and....wow. I can't believe how much Joss Whedon got away with! Was it just UPN being like "eh, fuck it?"

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