Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Fox wants to bring it back and its all up to Joss Whedon. SMG does not want it to return. She actually makes good points. Yet I recall when Star Trek TNG came back many thought it would never be as good as the original. Well in many ways better yet it stood besides TOS as an iconic series. A new Buffy could be just as good. I hope the reboot does not have the same character I want a new slayer and Buffy being the Codename for Slayer.

Willow and Xander must return as the teachers of the new slayer. Giles as Head of the Watchers. Neither actor seems to be doing much. Also Angel since David B’s Seal series may not be renewed.


Also hire Christopher Golden he wrote some really good Buffy novels. Did Christie Golden also write a few? I believe they are married. Will google it later.

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