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Bug Scare (updated)

TW: Discussion of bedbugs

First of all, hi! I’m excited to have author privileges here now. I mostly lurk but I check GT every day and really appreciate the advice people give each other. Right now I could use some good vibes myself.b

Ever since staying at my partner’s sister’s house in another state, which was about two weeks ago, I’ve had mysterious bumps/bug bites appearing. Sometimes at night, sometimes during the day, in different rooms of the house. They are mostly on my legs. I’m highly reactive to bug bites, while my partner is not. We’ve also been spending a lot of time outside so it could be mosquitos getting in, or mosquito bites from outside appearing later on.


We had bedbugs 6 years ago, in a previous apartment. It was pure hell. Of course I’m afraid that’s what it is again. It doesn’t seem likely, because I’ve been wearing long pants/sleeves/socks to bed and the bites are appearing under them (bedbugs can’t bite through fabric). But that is where my mind is going. I’ve also been experiencing a lot of stress/anxiety/possible depression? lately and I know that anxiety can cause a rash or hives. And worrying about having bedbugs again is only giving me more stress.

I’m sorry for the text dump here but I’m reluctant to discuss this with anyone except my partner. Normally I would call my best friend but she is actually supposed to stay here tomorrow and I don’t want to scare her. I have an exterminator coming in a couple of hours to take a look and hopefully it’s good news.

Thanks if you read this. <3

Update: apparently it is bed bugs. :( The exterminator didn’t find any bugs but he found fecal stains, which are one of the big telltale signs.  He’s coming back to treat the entire apartment on Monday.  Give me strength, it’s better to have an answer but I’m on the verge of freaking out or shutting down. 

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