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Building a Mystery

Hullo again! As a knitter, I am terrible at making things like clothing- but I love me some scarves and blankets. Like, I'm one of those weirdos who buys 60 inch circs in sizes 13 and up (got me a set of addi's in a 17 60' that I luuurrrve) I cast on anywhere from 150 to 250 stitches in bulky or ultra bulky weight yarn (I love the acrylics for this- I can get 1500 plus yards of machine washable hyper colors for under a hundred bucks most of the time. My favorites are Lion Brand- they have some exceptionally nice acrylics. You know, if you were feeling like spending money on an internet stranger today)


Well, so far the extent of my "developing" patterns has been choosing like one cable from a stitch dictionary and then just deciding how many iterations of said cable I want and how many sections of other stitches I want separating them. But.... I have an idea for a blanket that in my head looks pretty cool. It definitely relies on cables/lace sections that have been used as motifs on other things before, but in a pretty novel way. They add up to create an entire blanket that uses these motifs to create a really cohesive piece (in my head...) I really want to chart it out though so I can see what I'm looking at before I just strike out with yarn and end up having to frog a gazillion yards worth of work. I have a crap laptop, so no Excel. Anybody know of any decent charting programs on the internet? Should I just print out some knit charts and have at it with pen and paper like a cave knitter?

The current blanket I'm working on- 1800 yards of Lionbrand Heartland Thick and Quick on 13s:

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