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Building company strikes again

So, yesterday they told me that no, I cannot have the key to the ramp that goes down into the little underground parking garage, so I have to struggle down the front steps with a baby buggy and my broken back. Before you say it, it's a private building, so I don't think there are accessibility rules. Let's not even go there because my blood will boil.

Now, I just had a missed call, saying that they need access to our flat tomorrow to carry out some repairs.

24 hours notice, you say. Totally fine, you say.

Yes, but they were supposed to fix this a year and a fucking half ago. WHY did they just decide today that major structural work had to be done tomorrow? I'm sure it has something to do with my plan to take baby for his vaccinations tomorrow, of course.


They could let themselves in, of course. But wait, last time they were here, they were too fucking stupid to close the door behind them and nearly let our cats out on the balcony to plunge to their stupid, furry deaths, so they are prohibited (BY ME) from entering when I'm not home.

Fuck all this shit. I want money and I want to buy my own place.

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