Either my self esteem is up and/or my bullshit detector has turned back on. I am no longer believing the weird crap people tell me.

My Dad has been going on about how easy it would be to make a computer program to do X and y. Normally, I’d be like ya, because I’m a crappy programmer and stupid I can’t do that. But this time I thought “Okay, you can barely send an email, how the fuck can you estimate whether that’s an easy thing to do.”

And it’s the theme of these last few day.s “Oh this is an easy thing to do Not Bad for Robot, you are just limited in your thinking” Umm no, you are just ignorant and trying to feel smart. Literally, there is poop coming out of your mouth.

Between this and listening to him go on about how it isn’t his responsibility to take care of himself after hip replacement surgery, clearly it’s the surgeon’s fault if he dislocates it by doing all the stuff he isn’t suppose to do, rather than his fault for not following the standard of care.


Just blahhhh. Anyone else detecting bullshit today?

ICYMI I made a post of all the collected therapy posts.