I am mostly impervious to family drama, but it is affecting those around me.

My grandmother died on Saturday. I found out on Sunday that the funeral would be on Wednesday (namely, tomorrow). I booked a flight yesterday and flew home today. $500 and the plane was half empty.

My sister was here last week and got to see our grandmother a couple of times. I actually didn't get a chance to talk to her before she died. I was going to call on Saturday, but she died before I could.

Anyway a few days ago my sister flew to Nevada and Colorado for a previously planned trip, so she wasn't actually here on Saturday. She is visiting a friend in Las Vegas and going to two job interviews in Colorado. I just found out that nobody told her the funeral was tomorrow. She maaaad.

Apparently she was given the impression the funeral would be two weeks away or something. She doesn't even have a flight home booked yet, for some reason.