In second year university, I briefly joined my campus' new communist group, because I was falling for my now-boyfriend and wanted a reason to hang out with him. He had started this group with three other guys, all really good people, who wanted to hold some lectures and discussion groups on communist writings, all very tame stuff.

However, as these things go, the group soon attracted the kind of delusional people who can only thrive in a university campus environment. These were well-off kids who were convinced that they would be the leaders of the communist revolution that is sure to sweep over Canada any day now. To give you an example of how crazy they were, within a few weeks of joining what was supposed to be a discussion group, they were plotting to stage a coup and out the four founders of the group, who were accused of being Menchevik counter-revolutionaries. They were particularly fond of Stalin and believed that Canada's healthcare system needed to be dismantled to precipitate the revolution. Anyways.

I logged into Facebook today, and one of the original founders of the group had posted a status update about considering running for the municipal council. This was, of course, followed by comment after comment from these chuckleheads about what a sell-out the guy is, how he's legitimizing the corrupt government system and an opportunistic "right-populist." They're already writing 20-paragraph screeds accusing him of taking money from private interests, as if he's already campaigned and won. All because he is thinking of running at some unspecified point in the future.

Seriously, what? These are people who've been in university for a good five, six, maybe seven or more years, not because they're studying part-time and working to support themselves, but because they can. They don't actually do any real activism, because apparently sitting on their asses and getting into Facebook arguments is enough, and I doubt they ever talk to the working class people they love to speak for. Any attempt to point out to them that they're disconnected from the way most people live their lives and relate to politics is met with a round of "I know you are, but what am I?" As far as I can tell, their only contribution to the revolution they all keep going on about is shitting all over everyone else's ideas for improving our community.

Anyways, I'm not getting involved. Their sense of self-importance is so over-inflated that I don't want to give them another opportunity to pat themselves on the back over how much Marxist dialectic they know. Just wanted to rant for a second.