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Welcome To The Bitchery
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BumbleBeaver Pool entries. Bumped and updated: MOAR CATEGORIES

Here's my latest tally of the BumbleBeaver/Houseguest pool entries. ETA: since QSE has spilled cheese on the burner element of the stove and broken a knob on the stove, I've added a new column: #8"What the Fuck will she break next?"


ETA 3: Belle Femme & NtotheItotheCKY suggested new category: #10: "QSE is stupid enough to insinuate her kids are better than SmallBeaver" (who she is clearly threatened by) and #11: "SQE hits on Mr.Beaver" (Jesus NO).

I will add categories until we break kinja! (Or until my job threatens to fire me.)


We also have a fanfic competition. I'll do a new post on Friday for entries!

Name#1 Steals food#2 Pukes#3: Kicked OUT#4 Dirty Laundry#5 Emotional Dump#6 Quit & Hit#7 Mrs. MEB#8: Blames BB#9 WTF did she break this time?#10 Kid competition#11 Hits on/inappropriate with Mr.Beaver#12 job was a ruse#13: not really an MD#14 Tries to stay longer
Jo. Stocktonnilnilnil1-Octnilnilnilnilnilnil
KlewlessnilnilnilSuggested categorynilnilnilnilnilnil
ordinary love29-Sep30-Sep13-Octalready happened3-OctFriday, 10/4 early hoursnilnilnilnilnil
Know'm sayin'?30-Sepgoes the distancenilnil1-Octnilnilnilnilnil
NomNom83by 3 October3-Octby 3 Octoberby 3 Octoberby 3 Octoberby 3 Octobernilnilnilnilnil
Notorious GIGI30-Sep8-Octgoes the distancenext laundry dateneverlast week5-Octafter QSE goes homenilnilnil
HoneyHeartnilnil16 October- 18 Octobernilnilnilnilnilnilnilnil
How_I_Think_It_Happened1 October at 7:30am10-Oct11-Octnilnilnilnilnilnilnilnil
MrDisconnected9/30/2014 by 9:00am10/4/2014 by by midnight-5:00 AM9/30/2014 at Noon-6:00 PM nilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilX
boobiechick9/30/149/30/2014 or neverSOON10/1/149/30/149/30/14nilnilnilnilnil
EisenBolan, SJWmorningnightnightmorningmightnilnilnilnilnilnil
SunshineDay-lost-her-burner 9/29/1410/4/14 or 10/5/14goes the distancehappened already!10/3/1410/10/14nilnilnilnilnil
mcstabbypants nilnil2 days before the endnil15-Oct14-Octnil2 days before endtoaster/washing machine
OmarGone2-Octnil14-18 October or neverwho can keep up w/this crazy?after she leaveslast week of visitnilTV Family Trophy10/4-10/5Bitch better not
BelleFemme6-Octlate 10/12, early 10/1210/12 when puke is foundnilnilnilnil10/12 when kicked OUTnil8-Oct11-Oct
Remedios VaronilnilnilnilnilnilnilnilShowernilnilXX
Shiny Red Robot


Ordinarylove— #4: dirty laundry

NomNom83—#6: Quit It & Hit It

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