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BumbleBeaver's Unwanted Houseguest-- Appendix?: A GT pool ETA: A Winner ALREADY

It looks like many of you are following the crazy-pants story of BumbleBeaver and The Unwanted Houseguest (who I will for now on refer to as Queen SelfishEntitled). This saga includes infidelity, stolen toast, "accidental" drunkenness and blinding entitlement. In under a week, Bumblebeaver has earned her place in Beaver Heaven (minds out of the gutter people).

With Bumblebeaver's permission, I am starting a pool because we should all enjoy the ongoing saga of the Unwanted Houseguest. Wish I knew how to do it in cool, non-doxxing google poll fashion, but we'll just have to use the honor system.


My first proposed category—when will MarriedEx-BF Quit It after Hitting It is already a non-starter.

But I have others! At what date/time of day do you think any of the following will happen:

1). Queen SelfishEntitled next steals food from SmallBeaver.

2). Queen SelfishEntitled pukes in BumbleBeaver's house again.

3). BumbleBeaver decides that sainthood isn't all it's cracked up to be and kicks Queen SelfishEntitled to the curb.


4). Queen SelfishEntitled slips her dirty laundry in with BumbleBeaver's (courtesy of Klewless)> WINNER. Klewless gets the nod for thinking of it, but ordinary love knew that it had already happened. Witchy.

5). Queen SelfishEntitled invites BB to restore their friendship over wine and then pukes all over her—emotionally (courtesy of Jo.Stockton). BB doesn't drink, but will let us know about the next drunken emotional dump.


6). Married ExBoyfriend Hits It again after Quitting It (courtesy of Violet Baudelaire).

7). Queen SelfishEntitled drags Mrs. MarriedExBoyfriend into the madness in some way. (courtesy of a lot of you)


8). Shit goes bad for Queen SelfishEntitled and she blames it on BB (courtesy of athingwithfeathers, but I don't want to take guesses on this!)

ETA: So, as you can see, there are several new categories, which I've numbered and a WINNER already— #4 already happened. When I have a pen & paper, will work out the deets.


ETA2: New categories

9). WTF did she break this time?

10). Makes snide or passive-aggressive child comparisons between her own kids and Small Beaver. (courtesy of BelleFemme)


11). Hits on Mr. Beaver (courtesy of NtotheItotheCKY) (UGGGGHHHHHH!)


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