I love where I live, but man, we are not doing so great today.

First, this morning I woke up to this - a fire about a mile away from me that burned down a house and several cars, and although luckily the 8 people in the house managed to get out safely, three cats didn't make it out.

The case of the fire? Arson, in the form of firebombing two cars and the fire spreading to nearby homes.. Who the hell firebombs things? The evidence so far is overwhelming that it was politically motivated. It was the day after the election, the man who lived there is a well known Democratic fundraiser, and it's pretty obvious it was a direct target towards him - both cars that were firebombed were owned by him and they were parked fairly far apart from each other so it wasn't a random coincidence.

I almost cried at work today reading about the cats :(

And then THIS comes out:


A months long study by a local nonprofit that sent black and white renters/buyers with identical financial, credit, and rental history into neighborhoods in town and found that in wealthy, "good" neighborhoods (those with almost double the average income, that were more than 70% white in a city that is almost 70% as a whole, that had good schools and low crime rates), black renters were discriminated against 44% of the time. Anything from agents not returning emails/calls, bailing on appointments (in a few cases the landlords bailed on appointments with black renters but met with white renters immediately after), to being given heavier restrictions to rent, to white people being offered deals and price breaks that the black ones were not.

And then, I made the ultimate mistake. I read the comments.

They're horrible. I mean, they are about what you would expect, but they are HORRIBLE. Maybe they seem worse than normal because unlike a regular commenter shitstorm, where I can pretend that these are all just random internet weirdos that live in some far away place, I have be like oh... okay, these are friends/neighbors/people I pass on the street that smile and nod.


Anyway... New Orleans, get your shit together. You are bumming me right out.