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[Last Call Bump] RETURN OF THE SoCal & LA MEETUP

Last Bump for the LA/SOCAL meetup on 3/29 - thanks to everyone who already RSVPed. If you haven't, email me at smithwellette@gmail.com. I'll be sending out a group email (don't worry, it'll be blind; only I see your email address) to arrange rideshares, finalize details, etc.

Bumped for anyone in Los Angeles and surrounding environs who didn't see this yesterday.


Devils In The Details has had a brilliant idea: Lunch at Grand Central Market, and then for whoever wants, karaoke! We'll be fairly close to Koreatown, which is easy to get to by the Metro or car, and the karaoke bars in that area are fucking fantastic. I should know - I have drunk and sung in many of them...as far as I can recall.


What should we dooooooooooooooo?

Ok, first off, here's what we have planned so far:

1. Saturday, March 29th, 2014

2. ???????

3. Profit

I'll bump this this evening and tomorrow morning (PST, dude!) for ideas, and then put out a vote for the top 3-5 ideas.


Here are some ideas for stoof to do, but please feel free to throw out ideas:

1. Lunch at Grand Central Market, our second place finisher from the last meetup

2. Storytime Picnic/Potluck (this was mentioned in the first post)


4. Easter Egg/Scavenger Hunt w/ Potluck party after

5. Casa de Smithwell again (because we're lazy and uncreative)

Once we figure out the place (or places to put into a cage style/Jell-O wrestling free-for-all), I'll handle RSVPs and logistics again, because...well, because I'm a whacko who likes organization and an excuse to go to Party City.

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