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Bump in the Road

Mr. Ivriniel's desk is near the door to our back porch. This afternoon he went to the dentist, and I noticed the porch door was open. I went to close it, and discovered multiple bottles of booze had been put between the door and the storm door. All told there is over 7 litres of booze in there. Most of it wine, but also a bottle of whiskey. Last night I also found a 1.7 l bottle of vodka under his desk.

The last few days there have been times when he is noticeably intoxicated, and I have called him on it. I knew about one bottle of wine he had bought, because a recipe called for wine, but he bought a bottle that was *way* too large for the application, so I thought he was drinking that until I found the vodka. When I confronted him about his intoxication, he let me believe he had been drinking the wine.

So now I am sitting at home, waiting for him to come home, and trying to decide what to do. I know that pouring out the booze is not the answer. He will just get more and find another hiding spot.


He hasn't been attending his AA meetings regularly since Dec. He says he had an initial meeting with a counselor from a local alcohol treatment program this past week, but that she didn't turn up to the meeting. I initially took that at face value, but since he has been lying about his booze stash, I do not know if I can trust what he said there.

Earlier he asked me to say if anyone asked that he has been dry for 3 months. He is halfway through a alcohol education course that he has to take in order to get his license back. Last night I told him I wouldn't be lying for him.

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