Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

We have a lot to celebrate, and we need to have us a big ol’ party.

Mr. Chas (of Chasmosaur1oo fame) got his Pretty hot Degree, EdieBeale had some big giant stuff happen, Peachywithasideofkeen is running away to Scotland for a while, et cetera, et cetera. Let’s do this. (Apologies for the person who requested a weed cake, it probably won’t happen until one of us takes a road trip to Colorado.)


There was discussion of getting together on May 24, but Chas would not be able to make it. We also never really discussed WHAT we’ll be doing, so that’s up in the air as well. Thusly, suggestions of whats, whens, and hows are all appreciated.

Edit: Brunch at Moscow on the Hill on May 24?

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