Maybe it’s cause I’m sick and have been cooped up for a few days, but this stuff just has me tickled pink.

I found many, many bizarre and delusional statements on the Bundy Ranch Facebook Page, but this one took the cake, for me, at this time:

I watched it and it sickened me how they lied through their teeth. How is it unlawful to occupy public land? They were not rioting, they didn’t burn or lute any stores or buildings. In fact they were fixing things the BLM damaged... White Lives Matter!!!

Actually, they did steal some stuff that wasn’t theirs, and did “lute” archaeological sites. And they, in fact, cut down some fences that the ranchers neighboring the refuge really would have preferred they leave up.

People are openly discussing what tactical moves they think they should make in order to re-take the “compound”. On Facebook. “There’s roadblocks, do you know anyone with a helicopter?”

What a bunch of dummies.