Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

We went to Burger King at the mall. I got a diet coke from another fast food place since it is cheaper. Anyways I had a three dollar coupon for 10 chicien nuggets with large fries. My mother wanted a sundae. I went up to order. The order came to five dollars even. This totally annoyed me what happened next. I was going to pay with a twenty since fleamarket fleamarket season you need small bills. Anyways I was rifling through my wallet passing the ones, a five then the twenty. I took out the twenty and the clerk said “you have a five it will be easier with that”. A) do not look at the inside of my wallet when I am looking there gross violation of privacy and if you do keep quiet B) my money my choice in what I pay you with. I was really creeped out with A and annoyed with B. I paid with the five.

Also do NOT get the buffalo sauce with the nuggets gross looking and hot yellow sauce made from not sure what. It was edible not very good though.


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