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Burger King to Hot Dogs to Jodi Arias

We went out today. We went shopping and used coupons for Burger King. My mother and I got the 2 hot dogs and large fry special. I treated and will treat next week for a Chinese restaurant lunch. The hot dogs could have been warmer and the hot dog roll could have been toasted. Overall not bad. Above a meh.

So we shopped then we hit the grocery store. We were in a different direction so hit Shaws which I loathe. So I browsed around near the cash registers since they are locales for best magazines.


Now what did I see? This cover.Now I followed that trial. It was on HLN. I cannot remember a more totally vile unredeemable person then her. Now I read the article thinking I saw wrong. Nope she wants to get married and is close to it. She actually has SUITORS. I am beside myself in ire. The article did describe these men as immature, needy, insecure. I thought nope one word suffices f’ed up. There are just a handful of cases my emotions say “execute” this is one of them. I am still shocked both juries were hung on penalty phase.

Did anything shock you today. Well I am still shocked my ideal Couple Sharon and Ozzy are splitting up after 33 years. I wonder if its due to his health there are rumors Captain and Tenille divorced due to benefits he could only have gotten as single plus a way to protect the estate. I wonder if this is akin to the Tenille case.

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