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I just ate a huge burger for dinner and I regret nothing. Now, tell me how you like a hamburger, GT!

What toppings do you like? How do you like it cooked? What kind of bun? Do you want cheese, and if so, what kind? If you’re not a meat eater, do you do veggie patties, or another kind of sandwich? I myself enjoy a good black bean patty from time to time. 😬


For me, a potato bun or nice soft white bun is best. I like sesame buns in theory, but the seeds get stuck in my teeth, so, meh. The only spread I really like on mine is yellow mustard, which I think might be a Texas thing? Cheddar cheese or pepper jack, and then pickles, diced white onions, lettuce, tomato, maybe bacon. I also like hot peppers, either grilled jalapeños or green chilies. 🤤

You are welcome to discuss what sides you want with a burger too. I had Cajun spiced fries and they were goooooood.


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