Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So, update on the burns today. I'm doing okay and the doctor gave me some heavy duty burn cream, so I just have to wear long sleeves and change the dressing on my burn twice a day. Tomorrow we go in search of a few more long sleeved shirts for me, since I don't actually have all that many (I kind of hate them).


In other news, spent the time after my burned arm adventure watching the two film adaptations of Beowulf that are available on Netflix (and the animated Dante's Inferno based on the video game that my friend is using as the basis of his paper). Grendel's Mother is basically made into a porn character in both films, and I'm interested in how that results in part from the change in medium from text to screen (after all, with a screen we now need to have a visual representation of her). I feel like the 2007 Beowulf is even more interesting because it required motion capture which means that even if they had rendered Angelina Jolie as looking less human, it still would be a simulacrum of Angelina Jolie and so now I want to look at stuff on simulacra. There's also the scene where people theatrically recite and perform the story of Beowulf's triumph over Grendel (complete with recitation from the original poem) and what that means for the film adaptation (as it's sort of presented as an adaptation of the events as they occurred in the film).

Cool stuff. Time to get back to it.

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