Thank you so much for asking Bernbot3000! How kind of you to pay such interest in my life. Nope, there have been no interns for me to ‘pork’ recently. Oh there will always be interns but as I’m sure you are fully aware -since you have clearly been following my riveting tale- that the last intern I ‘porked’ is now my boyfriend. In fact I met his family last weekend. In one fell swoop I met one side of the family at a wedding, the other side at a barbecue and stayed over the whole weekend. Unsurprisingly, it was a lovely weekend.

And how incredibly sensitive of you to leave this comment in a post regarding the incredible sense of displacement, bewilderment and hopelessness many of us have felt after everything that the Orlando shooting! How wonderfully empathic of you. You’ve got a big heart.

Don’t let kinja hit you on the way out.