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Burning Bridges

I thought a lot about that sentiment and how you shouldn’t do it.

you know one of those blanket sentiments like this


Blah, Blah, you might need that person, you might regret it, you should be nice, you should forgive, what about their feelings, shouldn’t you be the bigger person, what if they’ve changed, they ‘some excuse for being a shitty person’ blah blah.

Honestly, the whole burning bridges thing has kept a bunch of people I don’t like in my life. I think I’m finally an adult who can decide which people to keep and which to remove.

Sometimes you need to burn that bridge to make sure that shit never slips in again.

I removed an ex from all my social media stuff.

I removed the other one as a visitor at my building. He will now be removed. I haven’t seen him in years, but I don’t want that fucker back.


Lighting my cigars of the burning bridges.

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