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Burnout tips/experiences?

As some of you may know, this last year has been a struggle for me. I fell ill about a year ago and after tackling many health issues we’ve landed on the conclusion that much of my experience was caused by a burn-out. I was put on part-time disability (so to speak) and got sick leave. I worked 2/3 hours a day 3 then 4 days a week and I worked on healing and recovering.

I’ve luckily improved heaps since then! I gained a bunch of the weight I’d lost. Gained energy, lost a lot of the bleakness I was feeling. My cognitive abilities have started coming back and my thyroid levels are better, although not yet where they should be. I use headspace, I’m doing cognitive behaviour therapy to try and change my thoughts and recognise my triggers. I’m writing down positive things about myself.. *cough* yeah lame I know.. Today wasn’t so good: I only have ‘I showered’, but I think I’m going to add, ‘asks for advise online’ to that now ;)
Looking back on the end of last year I remember how painful it was to just think. I’m talking physical pain from the strain of pushing my brain forward. How tiring it was to be amongst people, or have a conversation. I couldn’t be in a crowded place, watch tv-shows, listen to stimulating music, barely read (although donald duck pocket books worked wonders). The past days I’ve had as much energy as a wet rag, bút I spent much of it zoning out to tv-shows and folding laundry. It doesn’t sound like a good thing, but it’s actually a tremendous improvement!


After advice from my psychologist and a work health advisor I’ve decided I need to quit my current job. Something I’ve been wanting to do for a while but I felt guilty? Or something? Now I’ve come to the conclusion that the stress from it is keeping me from truly getting better. I haven’t been able to build up my hours and even when I feel great, 3 hours in the office batter me down to nothing and I’m ill again. My employer and I are negotiating a way for me to leave where I can have a few months pay before they ‘fire’ me so that I may try and get unemployment. I will agree to that. If I don’t they can’t fire me. This will mean that I will have at least 1, but possibly 2 months where I won’t have to think about any sort of work. Can you imagine the freedom? I can’t wait to give my brain that break! Hopefully they will work with me to get this done.

A few months ago I could barely think and all information was too much (and boy was I dealing with a lot of information! so many health things, so many mental things, still working, so much!) I think now I am open to information. So I wanted to ask the very wise people of GroupThink, who have been a compass to me on more than one occassion:

Has anyone here ever experienced (or knows someone who has) a burn-out or taken sick leave due to works stress? Did you ever get past it? How? Do you have any tips? 




(As an aside: I’m stil doing the FODMAP thing and working on reintroducing foods. I don’t know who suggested the Monash university app but it’s made my life so much easier. Thank You kind stranger!)

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