Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Burnt out SJW... Sorry Folks :(

I'm in a class that's big on Social Justice and Education and rah rah and well as i sit there, i'm realizing that i'm jaded and burnt out. Some of it may be leftover from my time as a woman in ministry... I'm supposed to write a call to action.. but i'm just bone dry in the inspiration department. It doesn't help that i've never felt like i fit in any of the categories on the left or the right...

Maybe my ascension to the middle class has spoiled me, or maybe i'm just getting old. I just want to learn the language and culture of my people and just be happy for a bit. Sorry fellow SJW's i may have to tap out for a bit :( It may get real inane up here for the next few months...


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