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In 1989, Burt Reynolds lent his voice to one of the most beloved children’s films of all time—“All Dogs Go To Heaven.” (Spoiler-y throughout, so please stop reading if you’ve never seen the film)

Released on November 17, 1989, the movie follows the adventures of Charlie B. Barkin (Reynolds, in a captivatingly transcendent role) and Itchy Itchiford, his best pal, voiced by Reynolds-real-life-guy-pal, the late, great Dom DeLuise. In the film, Charlie plays a murdered German Shepherd who fights evil rat-villain “Carface” and has kidnapped a young orphan girl, Anne-Marie. After Charlie dies and gets sent to heaven, he finds a loophole that gets him sent back to Earth (despite warnings from an angel that if he leaves, he’ll never return.) Charlie and Itchy work to avenge Charlie’s murder and wind up saving Anne-Marie.


Directed and produced by legendary cartoon filmmaker Don Bluth, the tagline for the trailer was “All dogs go to Heaven…but only one ever came back.” If you’ve seen the movie, you’re familiar with its gut-punch of an ending. Here it is, just because it’s some of the finest cartoon voice work ever.)

The film flopped at the box-office going head-to-head against Disney powerhouse “The Little Mermaid.” However, it found new life on VHS (REMEMBER THOSE??). It was one of the best selling videos of all time, spawning two sequels and a television show. (With Steven Weber stepping in for Reynolds.)

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