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Burt's 45 Second Salad


People seemed to dig the peek inside my kitchen and chatting with me about cooking and how much I love it. But a lot of my beloved peeps are all 'BURT. Dooood. Your kitchen is all the awesomez. But I have no time. I cannot spend 20 hours churning the organic butter and canning the meats and what not.'


OK. That's cool. I feel you, boo.

So here's a salad you can make IN LITERALLY 45 SECONDS.

And this is better than the bullshit salad you can get in some fast food place, lemme tell you.


grape tomatoes

2 basil leaves

oil (I used avocado olive oil)

vinegar (white balsamic vinegar)

dried rosemary



herb scissor

salad bowl

optional only if you are a cheese whore: grated Parmesan Reggiano cheese.
Stop freaking out. You can get this grated at the freaking Dollar General Store. Or, you can get it freshly grated at the grocery store. (Or get a giant block and grate it yourself). I AM NOT JUDGING WHATEVER YOU CHOOSE


OK, so here goes the 45-second salad version. Before you start, get all your ingredients out of the fridge/pantry and line them up. Have the salad bowl ready.

Grab about 1-2 cups of tomatoes (about 3-4 handfuls), toss them in the bowl. Grab 2-3 leaves of basil, rip them up and toss them in. A generous dash-verging-on-pour of oil; same with vinegar. Take your herb scissors, cut a few snips of the chives. Add 2-3 dashes of pepper. Sprinkle with a dash of the dried rosemary. Lastly, sprinkle the parm/reg cheese. Seriously. I used a grated version that cost me a dollar. If you're all DON GIV A FUCK about satiating your need for a hint of protein, skip it.


45 seconds, tops.

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Better than a pack of potato chips.

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