Why is nextbus.com so full of lies? Why did I just wait thirty minutes for a bus after nextbus said it would arrive? Just really hating life right now, and wishing I could afford not to take fucking unreliable public transit everywhere. I live three miles from work and I walked the first mile today so I could catch a bus that would take me directly to my own neighborhood, and nextbus said the bus would arrive just in the time it takes me to walk a mile. And instead, it took the time for me to walk a mile plus THIRTY MORE MINUTES. >:( So now a three mile commute will be over an hour. Fun stuff! I have a lot to be thankful for in my life, stuff that's good that I totally don't deserve, but my erratic and unpredictable commute feels like my punishment for sinning in a past life or something.

Anybody else have a really unbelievably shitty commute? Tell me your daily transit woes, GT.