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Bush V Kennedy Families My Thoughts

CNN just ended the 6 part Kennedy special and two days later Barbara Bush died. She as First Lady had an impact on the nation. Watching the biographies tonight of her she reminded me a lot of Joe Kennedy. Both guided and helped manuever their children and for Barbara her husband to be in positions to get ahead in politics and life. If she did not push her husband to move to Texas they would have stayed as Northeast Republicans no VP or presidencies for them.

Yet how different both families are one family the voice of the poor and struggling. Ted Kennedy spentdecades trying to get universal health care. they Bush famiily well they were the voice for privelage and the one percent.


Kennedy family incredible tragedies 4 children of Joe and Rose died unnatural deaths. A daughter lobotomized. The next generation cancer at a young age, death by flying a plane. The Bush family relatively little tragedy in comparision.

I know tragedies have nothing with politicarv. It feelslike tf

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