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I've got a training coming up, and attire is business casual. But, I have no idea what to wear! Until recently, I worked in an industry and live in a state where business casual is jeans without holes and your "going to town boots"... in fact that also pretty much describes Wyoming formal to. To compound the problem, it is a military training at which there will be a mix of civilians and military and I will be one of few women. I'm jealous of the military people, they just toss on their ABU and all is good.

Yesterday I went shopping and found out my butt/hips, thighs, and waist are designed for three different sizes of dress pants. (side note: guys should have to experience shopping as women. When I was telling my boyfriend why it was so frustrating, he may didn't understand). But I did manage to find some. They are mostly in black and dark gray, and a couple cute shirts. So, I should be okay. But I'm a little worried about the outfits being more business than business casual. I know it's better to be overdressed than under, but I'll still be uncomfortable if my outfit is totally out of place. Any advice on making sure what I wear doesn't go to far either way?

Later, I might post some of the clothes and ask for input, bit I'm not quite ready to get out of bed yet.

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