Although part of the fault lies with the snow plow companies they contract with. Two stores today. First was Goodwill they have 4 handicap spots. Two were filled with snow it seems like the plower used them as a snow dump. The other two the first half where front tires would go had about a six inches of snow and the rest of the slot was icy slush. The other store it was just icy slush. Icy slush is dangerous. If the rest of the parking lot was covered in snow or icy slush ok I could kinda understand the handicap alots having icy slush. But the ONLY parking slots with snow and icy sluah were the handicap slots. That is not acceptable. People who park there have disabiliities, some need wheel chairs and canes or walkers others have balance issues. If any parking slots that need to be the most pristine its these.