I'm gonna need to start making some money. Like, soon (I had a bad car accident Thursday for which I am at fault and I'm trying to stay ahead of my insurance premium skyrocketing). I'm thinking about starting an Etsy store full of terrible things that I'm sure will sell. But I think I want to do it anonymously (in terms of real life) as to not actually be in support of these. Am I being too "angsty artist" about this?

I am a painter; I was formally trained as an architect, but fuck that because I'll never be happy (and also, it's not really that lucrative anyway). I'm a damned good painter, mostly portraiture, and I make some badass costumes. I have not been super prolific the past couple of years, mostly due to struggling with some depression. Either way, there is not a lot of money to be made off of my art unless I can dedicate some more time to it that I don't have because of my job.

So my next solution is to paint Bible quotes or friendship/family/cat or other equally ridiculous nonsense on salvaged wood and shit, with fancy lettering and glitter and flowers and what the fuck ever else. I think this will appeal to middle America, who would spend too much money on these stupid things as gifts.

Does anyone have any experience selling on Etsy, and do YOU people have any requests/ideas for someone like me with lots of painting talent and little integrity?