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Welcome To The Bitchery

My body is ... unhappy.

As a flutist, I spend a lot of time in an asymmetrical position. Due to minimal training in my youth, I had bad alignment for ... a long time. I've since worked it out and don't make things worse, but I'm a little lopsided. crooked. I get these ridiculously large, ridiculously hard knots in my neck and shoulders, mostly on the right side.

They say to do things like yoga to strengthen and stretch those muscles. I do. There comes a point where its too much yoga and/or I'm doing it crooked because my body was crooked to start with.

I spent most of the last year seeing a chiropractor, with some, but minimal improvement. I stopped going when we started having money issues at the beginning of the calendar year.

It's been ... three months? The right side of my body is locked up and cracking. (I've seen a masseuse 3 times in the last two weeks - it helps, but the most recent appointment was yesterday and today is owies again.) We're past the Advil and Icy Hot stage and I can't afford to move in with a physical therapist.

Is it back to the chiropractor with me? Do you have genius suggestions?


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