Are my fellow Team Doggers familiar with this thing? It has changed my life! My dog has a lot of energy, it's freaking cold outside, and he is a power chewer, all of which means it is nearly impossible to keep him happy right now. Lately he has been chewing the baby's toys, and of course the baby finds this endlessly fun so he throws a block at the dog, he chews it, I take it away, the baby throws another block, the dog chews it, I take it away, rinse and repeat all damn day. He gets through a stuffed Kong in a few minutes (plus he is able to rip off small pieces from the ends of them) and the Kong Wobbler dispenses the food too quickly. So far the Buster Cube is amazing, though. He really has to work at it (he's still trying to get at the rest of his breakfast at 11am!) and it is of a size and shape that he can't really get a grip on to chew. Here's an approximation of my glee at only having one hell-raiser to wrangle this morning: