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Buster got the all clear \o/

Buster is officially off crate rest for the first time since October! The neurologist says he looks great. His gait is normal, he has the correct reflex reactions, and he’s clearly feeling much better.

He’s still on limited exercise — 5-minute walks once a day this week, 10-minute walks once a day next week, and then 15-minute walks once a day the week after that. But he can do stairs again, so no more lugging him up and down.


The vet said to watch him closely and make sure no symptoms resurface, but he also said there may be some soreness just because he’s been sedentary for so long. He’s walking so well that I’m not too worried, though.

All in all, I’m feeling great. And so is Buster (he’s sleeping in his crate, silly boy — he really likes it in there when he’s not shut in).


You can’t see it, but he was actually wagging his tail when I took the picture :-)

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