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Buster health issue

My (~5-year-old) pup Buster has been showing slightly elevated liver values for the last 9 months or so. Medication has helped a little, but hasn’t brought the values back to normal. At the last checkup the vet told me to take him off the flea meds he was on (Trifexus) and check him again in 3 months.

I just got the results for 3-month test, and the values haven’t changed. The vet said he’ll probably need to be on liver meds for the rest of his life. He also says I should add a daily liver supplement to the medication and recheck him in 6 months, and if it’s the same or higher they’ll consider an ultrasound or x-rays.


They don’t seem too worried about it, and Buster doesn’t seem to be feeling bad — I wouldn’t know anything was wrong without the blood and urine tests. But I’m still freaked out. It’s been 9 months of “Oh, this will get the values down!” followed by little to no improvement.

Has anyone had anything similar happen with a pet? I don’t want to Google because I will undoubtedly find something saying he has cancer or whatever and just upset myself more.

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