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Buster name day spam (yes, more)

I will stop spamming after this, I promise.

I made Buster a “cake” (ground chicken, shredded carrots, oats and parsley with mashed potato frosting) and banana peanut butter “ice cream” for his name day yesterday. We went to PetCo so he could pick out a new toy (Sophie got one, too). They both had a very good day!

When I fed them their breakfast this morning, Buster was all, “What the hell is this? Just kibble?” :-) His other birthday present was a dog cookbook, though, so I’m going to start making “real” food for them a lot more often.

Buster looking very smart in his name day bow tie
They LOVED the cake. They scarfed it down and licked their bowls clean.
Buster would like some more cake, please
He was very pleased with his new toy. Sophie chose a little hedgehog, but she just wanted to cuddle instead of play when we got home, so I couldn’t get a picture.
Look how happy he is!
Full of cake and all tuckered out
They could take or leave the mashed potatoes, but they couldn’t get enough of the cake itself.

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