Yesterday Buster decided to protest being left home alone by barking. Loudly. All day. My apartment manager got many angry calls, including one from Animal Control (apparently a woman in the building next to mine called them).

So I'm going to have to start doing doggy daycare until I get him crate trained. He was scheduled for a well-puppy exam this afternoon, so I just took him to the vet when it opened and asked if they could keep him today, and I'm going to look at daycare options this weekend (if anyone LA-based has any suggestions in the Koreatown/mid-Wilshire area, I'd be very grateful).

It's not the end of the world, but it's expensive and time-consuming, so I'm hoping I won't have to keep it up for too long. I'm continuing with crate training (he's eating all his meals inside the crate and playing in it happily as long as the door is open, but after just a few days I can't leave him in it alone at all), and the vet also suggested trying a pheromone collar, so I'll pick up one of those this weekend (we also start obedience training on Sunday, but I don't think that will impact the separation anxiety).

Puppy ownership is complex and stressful! Buster's continued to be a complete doll when I'm home, though—he loves the toys I bought him, he loves exploring the neighborhood, and he loves cuddling up with me on the couch when I watch TV, read, or play online. And he continues to adore meeting new people and dogs, so we're going to spent awhile at a dog park tomorrow.

I've been too busy dealing with all this stuff to take any new pictures, but here's one the vet tech sent me this afternoon:


He looks so worried, poor baby. I'm coming to pick you up soon, Buster!