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Welcome To The Bitchery

Buster is doing MUCH better. Thankfully he didn’t have the broken ribs or punctured lung the emergency vet originally feared — just some deep bites and a lot of bruising. As long as we can keep the bites from getting infected, he should be fine. And the owners of the dog who attacked him paid for the hospital visit in full, which is a huge load off my mind ($1,400!).

He was in such bad shape when I visited him at the hospital Tuesday night — shaking and cringing and shrinking back when I tried to pet him. He really seemed scared of me, which just killed me. But he was much closer to his normal self when I picked him up yesterday morning — still clearly freaked out and in pain, but thrilled to see me and to come home. And he’s been eating well, wagging his tail when I pet him and even trying to chase squirrels on our walks. And today he went back to his normal routine of bouncing with joy whenever I pick up his leash, which makes me very happy.


He’s still on a lot of drugs, he’s stuck in the cone for at least two weeks, and I have to apply a warm compress to his bites several times a day, which he submits to dutifully even though it clearly hurts him at first — he’s such a good boy, and he trusts me so much. It makes my heart hurt.

Here’s a picture of him I snapped after I brought him home yesterday (he looks so unhappy, poor little guy, but he really is feeling much better):

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