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Welcome To The Bitchery

Argh, sorry for the late update. My phone died at the ER last night and things have been NUTS today (we basically lost an entire department at work in the last two months, and we are holding things together with duct tape and sheer force of will).

The emergency vet couldn’t find anything wrong. She didn’t find a stinger or anything else likely to cause that reaction, and she tried putting pressure along his spine and his back legs and got no negative reaction (besides a lot of shaking — poor pup is TERRIFIED of vets). So she sent him home with pain medication and told me to keep him in his crate and take short walks for the next several days, then ease back into more exercise. She doesn’t think a follow-up with his neurologist is necessary unless it happens again or I see anything else abnormal.


By the time we left the ER (maybe 1.5 hours after we’d arrived and 2+ hours since the screaming), he seemed to feel great. He was bouncy and excited and SO happy to get away from the hospital, and when he got home he wanted to run and play and antagonize Sophie. He was very annoyed that he had to be crated. I worked from home today to keep any eye on him, and I haven’t noticed any behavioral change other than a bit of sedation from the meds — he’s eating, drinking and pooping normally.

So maybe I got really lucky and it was just a random one-off thing, but only time will tell. I’m going to hope for the best and keep a very careful eye on him for the next few weeks at least.

Thanks for much for everyone’s kind words last night.

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