A lot of the recent MRA counter arguments against why Elliot Rodgers was not a misogynist seem to rely on the fact that he killed four men and only two women.

Analogy Time - My favorite Time

• Imagine that there was a man who was catholic and really hated protestants

• He hangs out with other like minded people who also hate protestants

• He plans to blow up a local bar where he knows a lot of protestants drink

• Before he plants the bomb, he sends a letter to the papers explaining that he is going to bomb a pub because he hates protestants

• He plants the bomb on a timer. Unbeknownst to him, the pub is rented that night by a large group celebrating a wedding, most of whom are catholics

•When the bomb goes off, 12 catholics are killed and three protestants

• When they come to arrest him, he kills himself before they have the chance.

It wouldn't make any sense to say that, actually, this imaginary man didn't hate protestants after all and wasn't a religious sectarian, because more catholics died, and that in fact he hated them equally.

So why are people trying this jump of logic with gender?

(p.s Yes I am using the Troubles as analogy. Draw from that what you will)