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"But I knew him..." Welcome to the Stan-club, where everything hurts

Captain America: The Winter Soldier spoilers discussed here!

First of all, Sebastian Stan. Who gave you the right, sir, to be that attractive? The sad wounded puppy faces KILLED ME. My ghost is writing this from beyond. My heart broke into roughly ten thousand million billion pieces at "but I knew him." Died dead. Marvel, I did not need another hot, misunderstood villain but now that he's here...


Black Widow and Maria Hill were spectacular. Also, the trailer for Lucy was amazing. ScarJo is shaping up to be a first rate action star and I like it!

Post credits scenes: OMG I cannot wait for Age of Ultron. I was also excited that Loki's scepter is still around and still has the Infinity Gem. Guardians of the a Galaxy tie-in? I am looking forward to some crazy Thanos. Also, Buckyyyyyyy my heart. Everything hurts.

Oh, and did you catch that Dr Strange name-drop in the list of targets? I would love to see some Dr Strange. Please cast John Leguizamo.

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