But not from you, GT.

This is a flounce post from alcohol. Not a permanent alcohol flounce, but a temporary one.

Tomorrow is October 1. Well, October 1 to everyone else. To me, it is Octsober 1. I will be sober for 31 days. Every single day of October. No alcohol. No pills. No nothing.

Why? Well, that's a complicated question. First, I'm moving back to DC from Martha's Vineyard without a job, and my extra income REALLY needs to go to stuff like food and gas. When I ddi weight watchers, I ate 0 point food all day so I could drink at night. Taking my non-rent income... I'd be more likely to use it on alcohol than food.

Which brings me to my second reason. I drink too much. How much of a problem this is... I do not know. Whether I'm just at a super stressful place in my life and drinking too much to cope, or if my genetics are catching up with me and this is actually alcoholism... I don't know. I'm hoping this month will help me figure that out. Either way, I need to cope better without drinking, and if I can't make it a month without drinking well.... we have our answer. If I can, the answer is less clear.


In any case, I will be not drunk (if I have the willpower) for the next month. Goodbye, sweet alcohol, I shall miss you.

If anyone has any questions about Octsober or why I'm doing this, please ask!!! I'm perfectly happy to answer any and all questions.