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But srsly, I take great selfies

So I missed the whole selfie article on the mainpage and all of the subsequent hullabaloo*. But yeah, I take GRRREAT selfies, you guys. In this selfie, I present myself in ghost-alien form. Here's my selfie how-to to achieve this look:

To bring out the sexy ghost-alien in you, sit in front of glaring sunlight. Then hold your phone in the typical selfie pose. Make a weird face. The weirder, the better. The sunlight will remove your facial features in the selfie for you anyway. Except it'll keep your eyes intact, because don't you know that your eyes are the gateway to your soul? Or the gateway to hell. Or something like that.

Take the selfie. Apply a filter. Post on Instagram. Wait for people to tell you that you're the prettiest ghost-alien around. And if you don't receive positive attention, or any attention at all, cry pitiful, silent tears and feel sorry for yourself because no one will EVER love you.



SELFIES 4EVA <3 I'll never stop taking them.

*Because I worked all day.

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