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Welcome To The Bitchery
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but technology makes everyone's life easier!

i've been having massive computer issues since last night. for no apparent reason, i couldn't sign in on my computer. like, at all. i couldn't open my desktop. since this computer runs Windows 8 (which i hate with the fire of a thousand suns), i had no idea what to do. it kept telling me that my computer was offline and that i had to reset my Microsoft account password. this is problematic for 2 reasons: 1, i can't get the computer online unless i can get to my desktop, and 2, i don't have a Microsoft account.

so, after much frustration, i said "fuck it", and gave up. took the computer to Best Buy today. the Geek Squad guy was stumped. (although i did learn that if you can't get past the opening screen, restarting your computer while holding down the shift key until it's completely rebooted will get you to a menu where you might be able to work out your issues. fyi, fellow Windows 8 sufferers!) it's never good when the Geek Squad guy is stumped. half an hour of assorted screwing around with it and the best he could tell me was that i probably would need to do a factory reset, wipe everything and start over. fabulous.


he tries my husband's password just one more time (yeah, not just my account, the whole damn thing was locked up), just for good measure, and nothing. husband asks, "why is the left side 'shift' key slanted?" Geek-dude looks at it, looks at my husband, says, "dude, you're a genius!" and voila! using the other shift key to make the capital letters in our passwords, everything opens right up. *facepalm* yup, the left 'shift' key is broken. which i will be getting fixed (hooray for warranties), but is not hugely urgent, so i have time to pull off photos and stuff and back everything up.

there was another huge kerfuffle involving the modem and good ol' Time-Warner, but i don't feel like going into all that, too. suffice it to say that i yanked the plug on my modem, uninstalled a bunch of shit, and am currently borrowing other-husband's wireless internet. T-W and i will be having a chat, come Monday...

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