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But, What About War Machine's Adult Film Work?

The news about Christy Mack's brutal beating at the hands of War Machine (formerly Jon Koppenhaver) is one of the top stories to break in what is proving to be one of the most depressing weeks to be on the internet. Unsurprisingly, Mack's "porn star" career is triggering a lot of discussions. As an adult actress she is assumed by some to be responsible for her own abuse; other people question the inclusion of her career as noteworthy; still others feel the career discredits her entirely.

But, what I am not seeing is any reference to the pornographic career of War Machine or, as he calls himself in various Tweets, "Whore Machine." In 2009, the MMA fighter charmingly announced his career diversification.

"I signed with LA Direct Models this week and today I did my first porn scene! LOL. I shot for Digital Playground with their girl Riley Steele ... was fucking awesome! I was nervous but I came through. I'm still gonna fight ... just gonna do this too because fighting isn't quite enough money and you all know I ain't trying to work! In life I have come to learn that all I enjoy is eating, sleeping, fighting and fucking! I'm living the dream getting paid to fight and fuck! What more could I ask for?


As recently as 2013, he wowed audiences with a role in Big And Bouncy Titties from the Pounding Pink studio. Although, there is no evidence that he is currently making films, he did work as an adult film performer for over 3 years.

For those wondering why he may not be making quite as many films these days, one need only look to the stellar job he did within that community. Mere months after announcing his move to the adult industry, he tweeted:


Such a bright future he had ahead of him. How could such an upright young man have jeopardized it so quickly? Because (and this may shock you) he physically assaulted his girlfriend at an adult film party.


On November 28th, 2009, War Machine attended porn star Brooke Haven's birthday party and actress Nikki Hunter reported he was lovely at first, even blowing up balloons for the party. Hunter initially wanted to work with him on a scene because she found him attractive and likable. A few hours later, War Machine purportedly punched his then girlfriend, Alanah Rae, in the face before dragging her out of the party. When other party guests stepped in, he proceeded to pummel anyone in swinging distance.


Many speculated that his anger was primarily directed at manager Derek Hay, who may not have been getting enough film work to satisfy his new client. War Machine went after his manager multiple times, until the pair circled a garbage dumpster for a period of time, Hay trying to avoid the rabid fighter and WM attempting to beat the shit out of him.

Nonetheless, War Machine's career in adult work was not over and neither was a string of violent assaults. Both seem relevant in the discussion that surrounds Mack's brutal assault and yet I have not seen a news source reference War Machine's adult work at all and I can't escape mentions of Mack's.


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