Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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_____. But why? (OT fill in the blank)

Scotch eggs. But why?

I just went to a potluck for 4th stuff. Our tradition for this potluck is to be “super homemade” - the point is to try something that is kind of outside of your comfort zone, and if you fail it’s fine (this year I made chicken liver pate on homemade baguettes. If I was a teacher I’d give myself an A for the paté, a B on the baguettes).


Anyway, someone made Scotch eggs. They were good - no judgement even if they weren’t - but I found myself wondering why anyone wants to eat them? I just kind of ate a protein rock. I immediately want to poop.

Anyway, sell me on Scotch eggs.

Also,OT. _____________. But why?

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