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Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid Movies You Loved As A Child, Teen and Adult and see something new

I loved absolutely loved Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid when I first saw it in the 70s. I absolutely loved it again watching it in the 80s. We watched it again on dvd which I bought for a dollar. I still love it.

But parts are a bit too corny. The line “who are those guys” was a punchline too many times.

I do appreciate now the unrelenting pursuit of the posse, you never saw their faces they just kept coming just seen in distant glimpses. You can see that repeated in Speilberg’s Duel and with Jason Vorhoos from Friday The Thirteenth. The posse seemed like a force of nature.


The actng. Paul Newman was just so good. Robert Redford showed lots of promise which he did clearly fulfill. Why did they only do two movies?I also bought The Sting. I have not seen it since the 70s with my grandmother. I loved it. My mother never saw it but wants to.

Sadly researching who Etta Place really was is like going through a puzzle with no answer. It seems historians really do not know for certain who she was. The commonality was she may have been a school teacher from the East. There is even confusion if that’s her real name that Etta may have been Ethel or something else.

Katherine Ross who I had a definite early crush on really had a good career through the 70s then it just fizzled. She is married to Sam Elliott which I did not know. She is really good as Etta.

I would love to see it reworked as a musical with Burt Bachrach songs. I would change the ending to being the Bolivian police singing “Do You Know The Way To San Jose”. Let’s face it no one even knows if they did live.


The background music comes close to rivaling John William movies. Bachrach’s best work.

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