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Butterfinger Trigger Finger

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Remember that one Pennsylvania police chief of the "Fuck all you Libtards" video fame? Well, he got suspended, and his termination hearing was yesterday. His buddies in the so-called Constitution Security Force showed up to make fools of themselves, and all I can say is that they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. See the guy with the beard and bandana standing behind the chief and his lawyer? He's got a .45 caliber pistol in his pocket that he's about to straight up drop on the floor in front of everybody.


The attorney for the police chief suspended for firing guns stopped his questions when the metal clattered against the concrete.

The termination hearing for former Chief Mark Kessler that had been going on for more than 90 minutes stopped. The crowd in the cramped borough building turned its attention to Dave Zimmerman, one of Kessler's supporters, who leaned over to pick his pistol up off the floor.

"It fell out of its holster," Zimmerman told the room, standing 2 feet behind Kessler and his lawyer, Joseph Nahas.

"You've got to get out of here," Nahas told Zimmerman, who walked out of the room with his head down.


Does this mean he's no longer a Responsible Gun Owner, or does someone actually have to die first? He said it's no biggie though, because your modern handgun isn't going to go all True Lies and kill everyone just because you drop it directly onto concrete. "It's an inanimate object," he said, "it can't do anything." Hmmm, I think I'd rather speculate on the state of the inanimate object floating between his ears.

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